~~In the NFL, perhaps the most important aspect of a defense is the pass rush. We've witnessed great defensive lines like the Fearsome Foursome and the New York Sack Exchange and how they changed the game. There are still some good pass rushing combinations out there, which is why I'm writing this article. Here are my top 5 pass rushing duos in the NFL right now:

1) Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs wouldn't have had as much success without Hali and Houston supplying sacks left and right. They terrorized every quarterback in the AFC West, including Peyton Manning. Hali and Houston are both linebackers, but they both look and play like defensive ends. I expect a lot from them this year as well.

2) Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt, Houston Texans

We haven't even seen these guys play together yet, but we expect them to reak havoc on quarterbacks. Clowney was great in college and was drafted #1 overall. Watt, on the other hand, was a little under the radar coming out of Wisconsin, but solidified himself as an elite defensive end in the NFL. With Watt and his strength and size on one end and Clowney and his speed and aggressiveness on the other end, I can imagine that opposing quarterbacks won't sleep the night before they play the Texans.

3) Robert Quinn and Chris Long, St. Louis Rams

Both Quinn and Long are underappreciated players. Quinn was last year's sack leader and we still talked about Watt and others more. Long has been a solid end in this league for years and we've never heard his name mentioned in a headline other than the fact that he is Howie Long's son. Long and Quinn were excellent at pressuring the quarterback last season because they are both fast and savvy, which is a lethal combination. So, I expect big things from both of them in 2014

4) Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, Green Bay Packers

Green Bay fans like me have something to be excited about this season with the arrival of veteran Julius Peppers. Over the past ten years with the Panthers and Bears, Peppers has proven that he is a dominant pass rusher. Matthews has proved that he is elite as well and has a Super Bowl ring to show for it. Peppers is big and powerful, while Matthews uses more finesse moves to get to the quarterback. Nevertheless, they'll get the job done and make Green Bay fans proud and joyful.

5) Greg Hardy and Charles Johnson, Carolina Panthers

Hardy is one of the more underrated players in the game. We just don't realize how impactful he really is. When you look at Charles Johnson, he looks like a defensive tackle, but he has the speed and strength to be an effective pass rusher. Hardy, on the other hand, is quietly dominant. That's why he doesn't get much recognition. In fact, both of them don't get much attention due to the rise of linebacker Luke Kuechly. For now on, they shouldn't go unnoticed.

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