Remember Linsanity back in 2011? Well, that almost feels like ancient history now. Jeremy Lin, the Rockets prize acquisition in 2012, has gone from surprise superstar to trade bait.

The Rockets are trying to free up cap space to make a move for this year's top free agents. So Lin, who hasn't lived up to expectations in Houston, is the perfect player to trade. So far, rumor has it that both the Bucks and the 76ers are looking to trade for Lin.

For the Bucks, trading for Lin seems to be logical. They could send OJ Mayo or even Ersan Ilyasova, who are both wasting cap space at this point, to Houston. As valuable as Ilyasova could be, Lin has a much higher ceiling right now. Also, the Bucks drafted Jabari Parker and Johnny O'Bryant, two players they hope to groom into valuable big men. And, Mayo isn't going to make an impact anytime soon.

Milwaukee is looking to restructure their backcourt after losing both Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings last summer. I like the direction the Bucks are going in. Nate Wolters is going into his second year and he is steadily improving on both ends of the floor. And, Brandon Knight is a star in the making. So, a player like Lin would fit in well with Milwaukee.

This is just a rumor, but I'm sure that the Bucks would trade for a player like Lin. Who wouldn't? But, the Rockets won’t deal Lin until NBA Free Agency is over and the Sixers are also interested in trading for Lin as well. The Bucks are rebuilding and Jeremy Lin is looking for a fresh start. That’s why a trade for Lin would be perfect for the Bucks.

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