~~Missed the draft? No problem. Here's a recap of every pick in this year's NBA Draft:

Round One:

1) Cleveland Cavaliers: SG Andrew Wiggins      Pick Grade: B      

Although I thought they should have gone with Parker, Wiggins will compliment Kyrie Irving in their backcourt. Next step: bring LeBron back to Cleveland.

2) Milwaukee Bucks: SF Jabari Parker        Pick Grade: A

As a Bucks fan, I'm ecstatic. Parker is a do-it-all player who can be converted to a two-guard and even a power forward.

3) Philadelphia 76ers: C Joel Embiid          Pick Grade: D

Horrible pick. Why would you draft a banged up big man one year after drafting Nerlens Noel?

4) Orlando Magic: SF Aaron Gordon            Pick Grade: A-

I like Gordon because he reminds me of Blake Griffin. Plus, Orlando was in need of a small forward.

5) Utah Jazz: PG Dante Exum            Pick Grade: B+

Exum is the mystery man of this year's draft. He'll be good alongside fellow youngster Trey Burke.

6) Boston Celtics: PG Marcus Smart              Pick Grade: B-

Rajon Rondo's days in Boston appear to be numbered, so this was a Smart pick (pun intended).

7) Los Angeles Lakers: PF Julius Randle            Pick Grade: A

The Lakers add a monster in the low post to their decimated frontcourt.

8) Sacramento Kings: SG Nik Stauskas         Pick Grade: A

Stauskas is the best shooter in the draft by far, maybe even the best offensive player.

9) Charlotte Hornets: PF Noah Vonleh              Pick Grade: B

Vonleh is a good, all-around player. This is a good way to usher in a new era in Charlotte basketball.

10) Philadelphia 76ers: PG Elfrid Payton          Pick Grade: C+

He's an intriguing pick. He fills up the stat sheet, but he isn't an effective shooter. The big question is: will the Sixers convert him to a shooting guard or will they move Michael Carter-Williams?

11) Denver Nuggets (to Chicago): SF Doug McDermott              Pick Grade: A-

He's the king of scoring. He can score any way at any time. I think he'll end up being a great sixth man in Chicago.

12) Orlando Magic: SF Dario Saric            Pick Grade: C+

Saric is another one of those guys that you haven't seen before. He's a great teammate, which will be good for the Magic.

13) Minnesota T-Wolves: PG Zach Lavine         Pick Grade: B

Lavine is the best athlete in this draft and he could be a great sixth man in the NBA like he was at UCLA.

14) Phoenix Suns: SF TJ Warren          Pick Grade: A

The Suns add another athlete who can score. Warren is an absolute steal for the Suns. I can't wait to watch the Suns in year's to come.

15) Atlanta Hawks: PF Adreian Payne           Pick Grade: B+

He's so versatile, but injuries have been an issue with him in the past. Nevertheless, Payne is a good pick.

16) NBA: Isiah Austin             Pick Grade: A+

This was pretty cool. The NBA decided to recognize Austin although he can't play competitive basketball ever again. This was the highlight of the night.

16) Denver Nuggets (from Chicago): C Jusuf Nurkic             Pick Grade: D

Another mystery man. He has great size, but he still needs time to develop.

17) Boston Celtics: SF James Young          Pick Grade: B

Young has a promising future in he NBA. He's a great shooter, a great scorer, and a great competitor.

18) Phoenix Suns: PG Tyler Ennis            Pick Grade: A-

He plays hard and he has a high basketball IQ. He will be great behind Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic.

19) Denver Nuggets (from Chicago): SG Gary Harris            Pick Grade: C+

He isn't a great shooter, but he's pretty good defensively and he had the advantage of playing for Tom Izzo at Michigan State.

20) Toronto Raptors: SF Bruno Caboclo          Pick Grade: F

The Raptors love picking foreign players. This is just ridiculous though. He averaged only five points per game and he doesn't know how to play. They are taking a huge risk.

21) Oklahoma City Thunder: PF Mitch McGary          Pick Grade: A

Tremendous pick. McGary will add depth at the power forward position. I can imagine that McGary will be a reliable role player or sixth man in the future.

22) Memphis Grizzlies: SG Jordan Adams              Pick Grade: B

He doesn't play defense, but he is an excellent offensive player. Memphis needs a perimeter player and Adams could fill that void. Memphis is going to be pretty good in years to come.

23) Utah Jazz: SF Rodney Hood          Pick Grade: B+

He was overshadowed by Jabari Parker at Duke. He's a fantastic scorer who can beat you in so many ways.

24) Charlotte Hornets (traded to Miami): PG Shabazz Napier           Pick Grade: A

It is shocking how long he had to wait to hear his name called. I thought he could be a top 15 pick. He'll replace Mario Chalmers and prove everyone wrong in Miami. Napier could be the one to lure LeBron back to Miami.

25) Houston Rockets: PF Clint Capela, Switzerland          Pick Grade: A

They brought him in to save cap space which is comparable to what Chicago did. He'll need time to develop while Houston splurges in free agency.

26) Miami Heat (traded to Charlotte): SG PJ Hairston            Pick Grade: C+

His off the court issues caused his draft stock to fall, but Hairston is extremely talented. He'll help out Charlotte in the scoring department.

27) Phoenix Suns: SG Bogdan Bogdanovic            Pick Grade: B

Bogdanovic needs time to develop, but the Suns don't need a shooting guard at this point. He could turn out to be a steal in a few years.

28) LA Clippers: SF CJ Wilcox             Pick Grade: B

I never had a chance to watch Wilcox when he was at Washington, but I heard that he is a talented scorer and a specialist.

29) OKC Thunder: SF Josh Huestis            Pick Grade: B+

Huestis is a sleeper pick. He really impressed me during this year's NCAA Tournament. He's a great athlete and a great defender.

30) San Antonio Spurs: SF Kyle Anderson        Pick Grade: A

Versatility is Anderson's trademark. He was a triple double machine at UCLA. With Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker at the dawn of their careers, Anderson is a smart pick.

Round Two:

31) Milwaukee Bucks: SF Damien Inglis           Pick Grade: B

He's a great athlete who can really help the Bucks in many ways.

32) Philadelphia 76ers: SF KJ McDaniels          Pick Grade: B

McDaniels is a great pick. He's a punishing defender and a freak athlete.

33) Cleveland Cavaliers: SF Joe Harris               Pick Grade: D

Harris is a good offensive player, but the Cavs need to load up on great defenders and Harris struggles defensively.

34) New York Knicks: PF Cleanthony Early           Pick Grade: A-

Knicks use their first pick wisely. Early can beat you inside and out.

35) Utah Jazz (traded to Memphis): PF Jarnell Stokes         Pick Grade: B

Stokes is a tenacious rebounder that can dominate in the low post.

36) Milwaukee Bucks: PF Johnny O'Bryant        Pick Grade: B

O'Bryant will be a great addition to the Bucks frontcourt.

37) Toronto Raptors: SF DeAndre Daniels                Pick Grade: C+

He's a fantastic shooter, but strength is an issue.

38) Detroit Pistons: SG Spencer Dinwiddie         Pick Grade: C

Dinwiddie is a great defender, but his injuries in the past are a concern.

39) Philadelphia 76ers: PF Jerami Grant          Pick Grade: B+

He's versatile and he can defend any position other than the point.

40) Minnesota Timberwolves: SF Glenn Robinson III           Pick Grade: B

He's a great athlete and his father was an NBA star; that's a good combination.

41) Denver Nuggets: C Nikola Jokic         Pick Grade: A

He's certainly a player that the Nuggets can groom into a star in the future.

42) Houston Rockets: SG Nick Johnson           Pick Grade: A

He's a great scorer who can probably play the point effectively. If the Rockets deal Jeremy Lin, Johnson could be Patrick Beverly's backup.

43) Atlanta Hawks: C Walter Tavares        Pick Grade: C+

He's not an offensive player, which Atlanta needs. But, he's 7'3", which automatically makes him a menacing defender.

44) Minnesota Timberwolves: SG Markel Brown          Pick Grade: B

Brown is a great perimeter player who can score with ease.

45) Charlotte Hornets: PF Dwight Powell          Pick Grade: C

Another sleeper pick from Stanford.

46) Washington Wizards: PG Jordan Clarkson      Pick Grade: A

He's a versatile scorer who could be a productive sixth man.

47) Philadelphia 76ers: PG Russ Smith           Pick Grade: C+

Russdiculous is explosive, as indicated by his nickname, but he simply can't shoot and he's often careless with the ball.

48) Milwaukee Bucks: SG Lamar Patterson           Pick Grade: B+

He's a productive scorer who can distribute the ball as well.

49) Chicago Bulls: PF Cameron Bairstow          Pick Grade: B

He's a smooth shooter from mid range and could see some good minutes in the future.

50) Phoenix Suns: PF Alec Brown          Pick Grade: C+

Good shooter, but he comes from a mid major school which always raises questions.

51) New York Knicks: SF Thanasis Antetokounmpo           Pick Grade: B+

For now on, Milwaukee fans like me think of him as the brother of "the Greek Freak".

52) Philadelphia 76ers:  PG Vasilijie Micic         Pick Grade: C

It will be a few years until Micic develops his skills. Philly can wait that long.

53) Minnesota T-Wolves: SG Alessandro Gentile        Pick Grade: B

He's intelligent and that's what counts.

54) Philadelphia 76ers: SG Nemanja Dangubic          Pick Grade: C+

Another great talent from Serbia.

55) Miami Heat (to Charlotte): PG Semaj Christon            Pick Grade: C

He can bully opponents defensively, but turns the ball over himself.

56) Orlando Magic (from Denver): SG Roy Devyn Marble          Pick Grade: B+

Devyn Marble is an excellent scorer who can shoot from anywhere.

57) Indiana Pacers (to New York): PF Louis Labeyrie           Pick Grade: B

A great stash pick for New York.

58) San Antonio Spurs: SG Jordan McRae         Pick Grade: B+

He's a great scorer who is big for his position.

59) Toronto Raptors: PG Xavier Thames         Pick Grade: B

He's a scrappy, on ball defender who can guard anyone.

60) San Antonio Spurs: PF Cory Jefferson            Pick Grade: B+

He's a big and aggressive power forward that could replace Tim Duncan in a couple of years.

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