Jabari Parker’s summer league journey may be over for now, but he made some good impressions. In his final game, Parker scored 20 points and grabbed 15 rebounds, guiding the Bucks to a 79-74 win over the Warriors. This was the first game that Milwaukee fans got to see the real Jabari Parker and it was a quite a sight. In my opinion, Parker is the future of the NBA and the future of the Bucks. And, I also believe he has the potential to be the next Carmelo Anthony.

When the Bucks drafted Parker, I was ecstatic and I’m sure that every other Bucks fan was as well. Like Anthony, he is a fabulous scorer that can beat you in many ways. But, in his first few games in the summer league, he didn’t look like himself. I felt like he was rushing things and trying to be the hero. In his final game, though, he looked much more comfortable. It’s partly nerves and he needs to develop his game a bit. But, that is comparable to Anthony in his rookie season back in 2003. Anthony has steadily matured every year since and Parker can certainly do the same.

The way Parker plays reminds me of Melo. He’s an excellent scorer and a tenacious rebounder. Parker needs to improve defensively, just like Melo. Over the years, Anthony has transformed into more of a stretch 4 rather than a small forward. Parker is on his way to being  a great stretch 4 as well. He has the size, the athleticism, and the talent to play more than one position. I think that Parker needs some time to expand his game and that may take a few years. But, once again, Melo was the same way. In the past few years in New York, Melo has evolved in so many ways and has become more than just a great scorer.  Parker could some day be the same way.

In five years, we will probably consider Parker an elite scorer, while Melo will be past his prime. In a way, the NBA needs a player like Melo to spice things up. Parker has the potential to be an electric scorer someday. For now, Melo and Kevin Durant will be considered the Kings of the Hill in terms of scoring forwards, but they will have to pass the torch to Jabari sometime. So, it is fair to say that Parker may as well be the next Carmelo Anthony and maybe even better.

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