~~For the past few seasons, Packers receiver Jordy Nelson has emerged as an elite NFL wideout. In 2011, he led the league with 15 TD's. Last year, he and Eddie Lacy were the ones who stabilized Green Bay's offense with the absence of Aaron Rodgers. Now, the Pack look to extend Nelson's contract, but it will take awhile to strike a deal.

Nelson is reportedly looking for $10 million a year, but I think he deserves it. Other than Rodgers, Jordy is the Packers most important piece. He is a true professional. I consider him already as one of the greatest wideouts in franchise history along with guys like Donald Driver and even Antonio Freeman. The Packers need to lock him up. He may not be the best receiver in the NFL, but he is vital to the Packers offensive success.

Nelson is a true throwback receiver. He is this generation's version of Lance Alworth. His grace is a marvel to watch. He makes the tough catches look easy. He is a real asset. These days, most receivers are either giants like Megatron or speedsters like Percy Harvin. Nelson is neither. He plays like a receiver should play. He runs good routes and has great hands. What else do you need?

With that said, I don't think Jordy Nelson is worth as much as a player like Calvin Johnson, but he shouldn't be underpaid. I think $10 million a year would be fair for a player like Nelson. He is an important player. He deserves what he gets. Packer fans like me just hope he signs a long term deal. The Packers offense can't function without him. With him, their offense is as dangerous as any offense in the league.

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