~~ When you think of great rivalries in the NFL, you  probably think of the Giants and the Eagles or the Packers and the Bears. But, for the past few years, one of the grandest rivalries in the game of football has been between the Packers and the Vikings. Now, this rivalry hasn't been worth mentioning forever, but has been worth mentioning for the past 10 years or so.

There are so many things that make the Packers-Vikings rivalry must-see TV. First of all, they've played each other twice a year since the 60's. Their rivalry doesn't date back to the 20's like the Packers and the Bears, but there is still some history between these two teams. Being in the same division is essential in order to have a good rivalry. In the past ten years, it is safe to say that the Packers-Vikings rivalry has been much more entertaining than the rivalry between Green Bay and Chicago.

There have been plenty of great moments between these two teams in recent years. Remember Antonio Freeman's circus catch on Monday Night Football in 2000? Or, how about Brett Favre switching teams and returning to Green Bay to duel with Aaron Rodgers? And, Green Bay fans still haven't forgotten about last year's tie between these two teams at Lambeau. In fact, it is also true that this rivalry has had more memorable moments than the Packers and Bears rivalry as well.

Brett Favre retiring twice and joining the Purple and Gold added a new layer of excitement to this rivalry. Favre vs. the Pack became must-see TV the moment he announced he was a Viking. What makes a great rivalry? Hatred toward the opposition. That is exactly how that rivalry felt in 2010. Packers fans absolutely hated Favre not only because he was a Viking, but because of the way he joined them. I still remember Favrewatch 2010.

The Packers and Vikings are famous for switching players. Greg Jennings is the most recent player to go from the Pack to the Vikes and his comments about Aaron Rodgers afterwards ignited this rivalry again. Jennings in a Vikings uniform alone assures that this rivalry will be fierce in years to come.

As a Packers fan who lives in Minnesota, I know that the rivalry between Green Bay and Minnesota is special. You could argue that this is the best rivalry in the NFC other than the Seahawks and the 49ers. I can't wait for the season to begin so we can watch the Vikings and the Packers battle it out two more times.

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