The Green Bay Packers are a great team to focus on during your fantasy draft. Their offense is explosive, they are young, and they have a good coach. Green Bay's offense will be lethal, so there will be a lot of reliable fantasy players. Here is a preview of what is to come for the Packers from a fantasy perspective:

Fantasy Elite: QB Aaron Rodgers and WR Jordy Nelson

If there are two players you can trust on the Packers roster, it is Rodgers and Nelson. I can't believe how undervalued this duo is in the eyes of experts. In 2011, Nelson caught an NFL high 15 TD's as Rodgers had his finest season. But, for the past two years, they have both battled injuries, which has affected their production. Still, when they are both healthy, no QB-WR duo has more chemistry. Rodgers and Nelson are a match made in heaven. So, I advise that you don't pass on them in your draft.

Fantasy Workhorse: RB Eddie Lacy

It's early, but I'm predicting that Lacy will lead all running backs in carries if he can stay healthy. It was amazing how he continually churned out 20+ carries a game with a bad ankle. He is going to get plenty of opportunities this year as well. He is more fit then he was last season and he has had time to rehab his ankle injury. Lacy's rough and tumble running style makes me worry about his durability a bit, but he is worth the risk. He is a touchdown machine, so if you need a running back not named AP, Jamaal Charles, or LeSean McCoy, why not Lacy?

Fantasy Bust: WR Randall Cobb

Usually, slot receivers don’t put up big fantasy numbers. Last year’s version of Wes Welker was a rare exception. So, how can we trust Cobb? We can’t. Cobb has never really been a great fantasy producer. And, now that the Pack have a solid running back, Cobb’s production will continue to drop this season. Also, Cobb has had a history of injuries, including a nasty knee injury that nearly ended his season last year. Cobb isn’t durable and he isn’t necessarily a formidable receiver, so pass on him this year.

Late Round Sleeper: WR Jarrett Boykin

Boykin has been underappreciated basically his whole career. He was a late round draft pick and he will be a late round fantasy draft pick. So far, I’ve done three fantasy mock drafts and Boykin wasn’t chosen in any of them. At this point, Boykin is a desperation pick. But, he has a lot of potential. He’s young, he has talent, and he has a fantastic quarterback. Last year, Boykin succeeded while filling in for Randall Cobb, but this year he could end up being a starter. Boykin is small, but he has decent hands and he is a good route runner. Boykin could end up being a late round steal if you are willing to take a chance on him.

Stay away from: Any Green Bay tight end

In the mock drafts I’ve done, there is always a good amount of decent tight ends in the latter rounds of the draft. With that said, I wouldn’t take a risk on any Green Bay tight end. I know that Jermichael Finley is gone, but we don’t even know who is going to be the starting tight end yet. Will it be Andrew Quarless? How about the rookie named Richard Rodgers? That’s my point. Why waste a pick on someone that might not even start? Plus, Green Bay tight ends haven’t had a great history fantasy wise. The Packers have always had enough receiving options, so they have no need for a tight end like Rob Gronkowski or Vernon Davis. I would rather take a chance on a player like Antonio Gates rather than take a risk on a tight end from Green Bay.

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