~~The 2013-14 season was a nightmare for the Milwaukee Bucks. After losing such stars as Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis, the Bucks went from a playoff team to a 15-67 team. This offseason has begun with a bang for the Bucks. On draft day, the Bucks decided to draft Jabari Parker, a crafty scorer with a unique skillset, with the second overall pick. And, today, Milwaukee finalized a deal to hire Jason Kidd as the new head coach. Their move to make Kidd their new coach is a risk, but will it pay off?

At this point, the Bucks have to take a risk in order to save the franchise. If last year was any indication, the Bucks seem to be heading down a deep, dark road of mediocrity like in the 90's. Since the Bucks don't have the money to splurge in free agency, they need to rebuild around smart drafting and good coaching. As a Bucks fan, I can tell you that Larry Drew wasn't going to take Milwaukee anywhere anytime soon. The hiring of Jason Kidd is not only exciting for the team, but it is exciting for the whole fanbase. This could be the start of a new beginning for Milwaukee.

I think most critics agree that Kidd's first and only season in Brooklyn was a success. I admire what he did with the Nets because of the circumstances. He had a lot of pressure put on him to guide an aging, banged up team to the playoffs. And, he did it. Kidd is ushering in a new era of young coaches like himself and Derek Fisher. Technically, Kidd has been coaching for longer than a year. I'm sure that during his final years as a player he helped coach and teach his young teammates. But, he's been a head coach for only a year. That makes me question him a bit.

The Bucks aren't an easy team to coach by any means. They're young, they're unpolished, and there is not a lot of talent to work with. Kidd will have to prove from day one that he can coach a team like that. In a way, he had it easy with the Nets. Brooklyn was a team built around future Hall of Famers and experienced vets. Can a second year coach like Kidd really be able to coach the Bucks? That is my only question.

Like I said, the Bucks need to take a risk. Even if Kidd turns out to be a success, there is no way that the Bucks will be a championship level team any time soon. It will take a few years considering that they need to load up on young talent through the draft. They aren't going to be a popular destination for any free agent in upcoming years because they don't have enough cap space to sign a star player. It will take a while, but the Bucks will return to prominence someday. Whether Jason Kidd can help return them back to prominence remains to be seen.